Sale price$ 4,000

How is the advice given? Can I take it even if I'm not Mexican?

All our courses, workshops and advice are online so that everyone in the world can take them. The platform we use is Zoom.

Who is this advice for?

It is ideal for people who have capital available to invest above $50,000 Mexican pesos or more than $3,300 American Dollars, additions to your emergency fund !!! 80% of the money must be banked (that is, not cash) and they want to achieve goals through investments of different risks, depending on their lifestyle. It is also ideal for people who want to expand their investment portfolio.

What is required to be able to hire advice?
✍️ A laptop/computer/ipad
✍️ Internet
✍️Basic use of Excel/Google sheets 
✍️More than $50,000 Mexican pesos or more than $3,300 USD


How does the advice work?

Step 1. We will send you an online questionnaire for you to fill out.
Step 2. Through a link you will schedule your interview session. In this online session, one of our advisors will ask you about your goals, current situation, information and context necessary to create your strategy.
Step 3. We will create a WhatsApp group with your assigned advisor so that you can indicate the date of the strategy delivery session.
Step 4 : Analyze, learn and decide which investments you liked to start them.

What includes?
  • 1 online interview
  • 1 delivery session
  • Creation of a personalized strategy according to your goals and the risk you have chosen
  • Implementation, assistance, help with documentation, and everything you need to make your investments happen.
  • 24/7 assistance via Whatsapp for questions during the duration of the plan.
What is the duration of the plan?

The plan is not based on time, as is, but rather the time it takes us to implement it based on what you have chosen. Your plan ends until your money is where you chose, however you have up to 1 month to choose what to do. 

What is the difference between the Investment Workshop for Millennials and this Investment Strategy plan?

The online Investment workshop is a 2-hour group workshop and is an idea to learn how investments work, important principles, learn about options and choose the best for your money with the information learned. However, in this plan, it is a personalized, individual advice, created and designed for you 😎

Can I take it with my partner?

Yes, you can buy the plan as a couple and have the sessions together to decide your investment strategy according to your goals. Remember that it is necessary that together you have a savings of more than 100,000 Mexican pesos or 6,600 dollars.
Important information you should know

The plan is made to educate you on the current, appropriate options, analyzed by ADULTING and TESTED by our team, and even, having invested ourselves in each option. Money never goes through ADULTING and we are not responsible for the options proposed. Our job is to work for you with our own information and experience. 

What payment methods are available?

You can pay directly this link with your debit or credit card.